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Treatment Flow

Köp Cialis Karlstad There are three phases of treatment when seeking acupuncture and/or Chinese herbs.

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opzioni binarie 5 minuti broker The first is the Acute Care phase when most symptoms are addressed and resolved. Treatments are scheduled 2-3 times per week to obtain the quickest and most dramatic changes.


corso di trading in opzioni binarie Next is the Maintenance Care phase when we continue to maintain the progress we have achieved in the Acute Care phase and support the body as we continue to challenge it. Treatments are tapered down to once a week, once every other week and so on until we have determined the ideal length of time between treatments while still maintaining the results.

iqoption contatti tel We delve deeper into the root causes of the symptoms and overlap with the final phase of care, the Preventative care phase. In the Preventative Care phase we work together to catch potential problems early or before they develop.  Often patients come either monthly or a few times a year in this stage and increase frequency as needed.