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Chinese Herbs

source site Chinese herbal therapy takes an internal route to balancing the body. Traditionally patients boil a concoction of raw herbs to make a tea which is taken throughout the day for a period of time. Because of today’s fast paced lifestyle I carry granulated herbal formulas allowing for convenient use. Simply mix the powder with hot water to create an herbal tea. Typically patients are directed to drink the tea twice a day. Easy! Dosage and frequency will vary depending on the patient and the condition. For example, treatment for a common cold may last only one or two weeks but treatment for insomnia may last a few months.

opzioni binarie esperti I have carefully chosen high quality brands of herbal granules, namely Evergreen, Mayway and Legendary Herbs. These companies have a very high standard of herbal processing including a rigorous screening for contaminants, bacteria, toxins, heavy metals, and molds. The herbs are also tested for potency, active ingredients, and cellular identity to ensure effectiveness.

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follow url Sustainable farming practices and strict adherence to the guidelines established by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) are followed by these herb companies.