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Pain management

forex sätta in pengar nordea Samantha has 13 years of experience treating many kinds of pain and often provides immediate and dramatic relief of pain on the first visit. She has a wide range of strategies to access for treating injuries or pain conditions. She is trained in Traditional Chinese acupuncture which incorporates cupping, moxa, gua sha and direct needling. She is also trained in Tung (pron.: ”dong”) which uses distal (points away from the site of pain) points produce almost instant reduction or elimination of your pain. Tan style, aka I Ching acupuncture, is another style using distal points to reduce and eliminate pain. Heat and/or electroacupuncture may be added to the treatment for certain patients depending on their condition and constitution. Sometimes only one style is used and other times treatments are mixed to produce the best effect for the patient. The bottom line is to get results for the patient.

Women’s Health and Infertility� ƒÂƒ� ‚ƒ� ƒÂ†� ‚Â’� ƒÂƒ� ‚‚� ƒÂ†� ‚Â’� ƒÂƒ� ‚ƒ� ƒÂ¢� ‚€� ‚š� ƒÂƒ� ‚‚� ƒÂ‚� ‚¨ Samantha became interested in women’s health when she was able to address her own needs in menstrual regulation and pregnancy care. As mentioned in the Women’s Health section, Chinese medicine does a particularly good job in managing women’s health and Samantha wanted to provide an alternative to medication and unnecessary surgery. This blossomed into the realm of infertility where she has been able to support couples in their journey into parenthood.

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i need to buy Priligy in Rochester New York Infertility Care is particularly enjoyable for Samantha since she has been able to participate in integrative care by coordinating with IVF doctors and OB/GYNs. She gets to know each couple well and strives to deliver the fullest benefit that she can provide. She is continually keeping abreast of new developments and research in the integration and treatment of infertility in Chinese Medicine. This is a rapidly developing field with new studies frequently published providing new insights to care.


Stroke Rehabilitation/Parkinson’s Care

go site From the perspective of Chinese medicine the underlying imbalances that result in the development of Parkinson’s disease and Cerebrovascular Accidents (strokes) are similar. In Western medicine these are both conditions that occur because of a dysfunction in the brain that affects the functioning of the body. Samantha has had success in treating both these conditions using acupuncture and herbal medicine.

see go to site For stroke rehabilitation success translates to a return of functions such as muscle strength and movement and facial control. These changes occur over time and take a commitment to longer term treatment, however, the sooner treatment is delivered the better results we can achieve. In treatment of Parkinson’s disease the initial goals are reducing stiffness and tremors and keeping the body as balanced as possible. Chinese medicine does not have a cure for Parkinson’s disease but we have a lot to offer such as providing relief from tight sore muscles, promoting sleep, digestive regulation, and reduction in stress. Treatment is on-going for Parkinson’s patients but pays off when increases in pharmaceutical medications can be postponed or sleep can be achieved without another drug.