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What to Expect (First Visit)

On your initial visit I will gain a clear understanding from you about your goals of treatment. These may be to reduce pain, recover from an injury, manage a disease, etc. These goals will guide our treatment plan and give us a clear direction. I will review your health history and ask many questions about your current symptoms and habits. I will also observe your tongue and feel your pulse on both wrists to get an idea of your current state of health according to Chinese medicine. We may discuss recommendations for diet or lifestyle changes. I will recommend a course of treatment for you based on your health goals and explain my abilities and limitations in helping you achieve those goals. Then we will begin our first acupuncture treatment. Once all the needles are placed, you simply lie down and rest for about 20-30 minutes. Sometimes I may ask you to move your body to check for a reduction in pain level or palpate your abdomen as part of the diagnosis and treatment. Then, once needles are removed you may go about your day as usual.

fare trader di materiali Classic recommendations for acupuncture are to avoid heavy meals and alcohol before treatment and no strenuous activity before or after a treatment.

Preparing for your acupuncture treatment

follow Please wear loose and comfortable clothing so you can relax and I can access your entire legs, arms, back and abdomen. If you are unable to wear loose clothing a gown will be provided for you.

scaricare programma iq option Be sure to eat normally to avoid coming in on an empty stomach or too full a stomach. Acupuncture works with what energy you already have. If your energy is low because you have skipped a meal then I have less to work with. If all your energy is going to digesting a large meal, I have less to work with.

follow url Try to avoid drinking coffee or energy drinks before treatment. Caffeine can alter the pulse quality and give me an inaccurate reading. Please have a list of your medications so I may provide the safest herbal treatment for you.


see Initial Visit including evaluation and treatment – $80

source Regular Visits – $60 Herbs – $20+ varies depending on dosage and formula type.

follow link Samantha is a preferred provider for Kaiser, HMSA, HMAA, HMA, UHA, and Corvel. Not all plans have coverage for acupuncture. She accepts Worker’s Compensation with an approved referral, and No-Fault insurance. Call or email to see if you have coverage! Senior, student and military discounts are available. Package rates also available upon inquiry.